Terms of payment for using Accredito.com

Terms of payment for using Accredito.com services subject to payment

  1. These terms of payment constitute an integral part of the regulations developed for ACCREDITO.COM electronic communication system by HSM sp. z o.o. spółka komandytowa; the said regulations are available at www.accredito.com (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations). The terms defined in the Regulations shall have the same meaning in this document.
  2. Pursuant to the Regulations of Accredito.com, the Service Provider shall charge fees if the description of a given service stipulates the payment therefore.
  3. The services subject to payment are available under the basic package and additional modules. The access to the service included in the module (a subscription may be purchased).
  4. The access to the services subject to payment is possible only upon activation thereof. The activation of a selected service subject to payment is conditional on payment of a fee stipulated for the said service in the Table of fees and subscriptions.
  5. Information concerning the amounts of fees and types of subscriptions are included the Table of fees and subscriptions being available at Accredito.com website.
  6. The Service Provider provides for the possibility of making payments for a selected service without the participation of the Payment Operator, that is by a bank transfer directly to the Service Provider’s account (account data 70 2490 0005 0000 4530 9204 0085).
  7. Within the scope being necessary to operate the payment system, the Service Provider transfers to the Payment Operator the data concerning the purchased service subject to payment, including the personal data of the User.
  8. The User shall have the right to cease, at any time, using the services subject to payment effective as at the end of the purchased subscription period. In such a case the User shall use the services subject to payment by the end of the purchased subscription period. The right mentioned in the first sentence shall be exercised by the User by making a statement concerning resignation from the subscription payment, the said statement to be made in accordance with the terms stipulated by the Payment Operator.
  9. In each and every case where the obligation to issue an invoice results from the applicable provisions of law, the Service Provider shall issue an invoice on the date of activating a service. The Service Provider shall send an invoice to the User’s account. [the statement concerning granting a consent to sending invoices electronically is necessary].
Last modification: 05-08-2019