FAQ – Journalist’s account Accredito.com

If you wish to set up your journalist account, please visit www.accredito.com/register/ and select “Register as a journalist” from the available options. Enter the required data in the registration form. Please read the content of the terms and conditions and confirm that you accept them.

Following the selection of the “Register” option, your account will be set up. You still need to activate it now. Check your mailbox. You will receive a message with an activation link to the email address you provided during registration. Please click on it or copy into your browser window. Once the page has uploaded, you will receive a confirmation that your account has been set up.

You may now log in to the system at www.accredito.com/login.

Journalists can use the basic functions of Accredito.com free of charge. Accredito.com does not charge journalists any fees for ordering press releases sent by Press Offices or submitting accreditation requests.

If you wish to assign a chosen editorial office to your account, please select the “Editorial Offices” option from the left menu. Find your editorial office on the list of editorial offices (you may use the search box to do so) and select the “Add” option for it. Your request has now reached the administrator of your chosen editorial office. Once it has been granted, your editorial office will send you a message confirming the assignation to the editorial office. From this point on, apart from your first and last names, Accredito.com users will be familiar with the name of your editorial office. Until your request has been granted by the editorial office administrator, there will be a note “(unconfirmed)” by the editorial office assigned to your account.

It is important that you assign an editorial office to your account, because naming the editorial office on behalf of which you submit an accreditation request is required in the accreditation processes in which you may be taking part. If you do not assign any editorial office to your account, you will be able to accredit for events as a “Freelancer” only. If you properly assign an editorial office to your account, it will certainly help the press office administrators process your accreditation request quicker.

If you want to delete your subscription to a given editorial office, you may do so by selecting the “Editorial Offices” option from the left menu. All your editorial offices which you are currently subscribing to will be displayed on the list. If you want to unsubscribe from a given editorial office, please select the “Unsubscribe” option by its name.

Yes. You can select any number of the editorial offices you want to subscribe to in the “Editorial Offices” tab.

If your editorial office is not registered at Accredito.com it is advisable to set up an account. If you are an editorial office or a publishing house employee and you are entitled to represent it, you can set up an account at:
If you do not feel entitled to set up an editorial office account, please contact your supervisor or the right person in the editorial office and ask them to register an account at Accredito.com. Registration of an editorial office account literally takes a few seconds and, as in the case of setting up a journalist account, it involves filling out a form and account activation.

Once you have logged in to your account, you will find a “My account” button at the top right part of your screen. After selecting the “My account” option, your profile, where you will find all the data which you provided during your registration and accreditation processes, will be put up on the screen.

If you wish to accredit for an event, please select the “Accreditations” option from the menu on the left hand side. A list of active accreditation processes will be displayed. If you want to find an interesting event easily, please use the search box located above the list and type any part of the event’s name. If, for example, you are looking for a Lech Poznań vs. Legia Warszawa match, just type "Lech Legia"in the search box.

Please select the “Accredit” option by the event. Subsequently, select the type of accreditation you wish to apply for and submit the data required by the accreditation process’ organizer. You may submit your request by clicking the “Accredit” button.

If you wish to edit the data you provided in the accreditation request, please reselect the “Accredit” option for a given event from the list of events. Enter your modifications in the request form and save them by clicking the “Save” button.

If your request is processed in your favour by a given Press Office, you will receive an email with detailed information on the granted accreditation. You can always check the status of your accreditation requests directly at Accredito.com or in the “Accreditations” tab.

If you wish to proceed to the site of a given office, please select the “Press release” option from the menu on the left hand side. A list of all Press Offices available at Accredito.com will be displayed., You will find a search box where you can enter the name of the Press Office you are looking for above the list. When you highlight your chosen office on the list, just click on its name to go to its homepage.

If you would particularly like to track the latest information relating to the press office, please select the “Subscribe” option for it. As a result, each time the Press Office publishes some information, launches an accreditation process or shares multimedia materials, you will be sent a notification of such publication by the system.

Please select the “Press Office” tab from the left menu. If you want to cancel your subscription to a given office, please select the “Cancel” option from the “Subscribed press offices” list.

Should you wish to delete your account at Accredito.com, please select the “My account” option. Select the “Delete the account” tab. At this point a “ Delete the account” red button will pop up on the screen. Once you have selected it, a message containing a disactivation link will be sent to your email address. Once you’ve selected it, your account will be deleted from the system. Prior to deleting the account, please make sure you really want to do so. After your account has been deleted, all your requests submitted for the ongoing accreditation processes will disappear from the Press offices’ databases. Your email address will also be deleted from Press Offices’ databases and you will no longer receive information which you have been subscribing so far.

If you wish to receive information from a given Press Office, please visit its site and select the “Subscribe” option located at the top right of the screen. You may also select the “Press Offices” option from the menu on the left hand side of the screen. A list of all Press Offices available at Accredito.com will be displayed. Select the office you are interested in and choose the “Subscribe” option for it.