FAQ - Press office account and press office Administrator’s account Accredito.com

If you wish to set up your Press Office account, please visit www.accredito.com/register/and select “Register a press office account” from the available options. Enter the required data in the registration form. Please read the content of the terms and conditions and confirm that you accept them. Following the selection of the “Register” option, your account will be set up.

You still have to activate it now. Check your mailbox. You will receive a message with an activation link to the email address you provided during registration. Click the “I confirm” button. Once the web page has uploaded, you will receive the account set up confirmation.

Since the Editorial Office account is a public account, it must be approved by the Accredito.com Customer Service. Our staff will verify the correctness of the registration and your account will be fully activated within 72 hours at the latest. As soon as your account has been activated, we will send you a message to the email address provided during registration. Verification of the editorial office registration is necessary to avoid unauthorized persons from using the name of the editorial office you represent.

Yes. Using the particular functions of the press office is possible upon payment of the subscription fee. Its amount depends on the chosen packet and payment method. You will always find the current costs of individual modules available at Accredito.com in the Fee Table.

Users - the journalists, on whom you bestowed administrator powers, can manage the individual options of the Press Office (i.e. accreditation processes, press releases etc.).

Log in to the press office account. Select the “Administrators” option from the menu on the left hand side. In the “Add administrator” tab, in the text field, please enter the email address of the user on whom you want to bestow administrator powers. The user will be sent an activation link, after clicking on which he/she will receive office administrator powers. If the user does not yet have a journalist account in the Accredito.com system, he/she will be sent a registration link. Following the set up of the account with the use of the registration link, a further activation procedure for this user will be launched.

Only the owner of a Press Office may appoint you an administrator. To become an administrator, you will first need to set up a journalist account at Accredito.com. The owner of the Press Office will assign administrator powers to the account.

If you are an authorized Press Office administrator, please log in to your journalist account at Accredito.com. Once you have logged in, you will be asked in what role you want to use Accredito.com. Select the option of the given Press Office. Additional options, visible to the administrators of the chosen Press Office, will be displayed on the menu, on the left hand side.

You may decide in what role you wish to use Accredito.com at any time by clicking the “Change role” option in the navigation menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select the “Press release” option from the menu on the left hand side. Please specify the title and enter your text. In the “Signature” field, enter the text which will be used to sign the information sent to your subscribers. If you want to attach any files to your message, please select them in the “Attachment” tab. Please note that the message attachment size limit is 10 MB. If the text of your press release is complete, please select the dispatch method and select the "Submit” option.

Prior to the publication of the press release, you will be prompted to specify the method of its publication. You can choose from three options:

Publication at Accredito.com - Your information will be published only at Accredito.com. Your office’s subscribers will see it in their notifications. The information will also appear on the news’ list at Accredito.com and on the home page of your press office.

Dispatch by email - Your information will be sent exclusively to the e-mail addresses of the persons subscribing to your press office. The information will not be visible in the Accredito.com. system.

Publication in Accredito.com and dispatch by email - Your information will stay at Accredito.com. Your office’s subscribers will see it in their notifications. The information will also appear on the news’ list at Accredito.com and on the home page of your press office. The message will also be sent to the email addresses of the persons subscribing to your press office.

Your information will always reach those Accredito.com users who have subscribed to the information released by your press office.

If you wish to delete your press office account at Accredito.com, you need to log in to the press office account and select the “My account” option. In the “My profile” tab, please select the “Edit my profile” button. At this point, a “Delete the account” red button will pop up on the screen. Once you’ve selected it, your account will be deleted from the system. Prior to deleting the account, please make sure you really want to do so.

- Facility addition
Before you start creating events, you need to configure the facilities in which your event will be held. Select the “Facilities” option from the menu on the left hand side, followed by “Add”. Enter the facility’s address and the maximum number of seats available for the journalists.

- Event addition
To add an event, please select the “Events” option from the left menu.

Select “Add”.

Choose the event type from the list.

Select a facility in which the event is being organized from the list.

Enter the name of the event or in the case you selected a “match” type, please select the competition and the name of your rival team.

Please enter both the start and the end dates of the event. If your event is held on one day, the end date should match the start date of the event.

If you have selected a “match” type of an event, please emphasize whether you are taking part in the game as a host or guest. In addition, please select the competition in which the match is played from the list.

I you have chosen the “temporary event” event type, please select the contests to be covered by a temporary accreditation.

- What are the event types?

- “Event” - is a universal category to which you can assign any organized event. BR> - “Match” - If the accreditation process concerns a sporting event, such as a two team game, it is advisable to use this type of event. Enter the name of the rival team, which in combination with the name assigned to your press office, will generate the name of the event on the list. Please make sure to properly assign the competition in which the match is taking place, as it will have an impact on assigning it to the temporary event.
- “Temporary event” - A temporary event is an option which allows you to create an accreditation process for many individual events-matches within a specified period of time. Thanks to this option, you can create a "temporary event" – e.g. a “Spring Round 2015".

If you assign a range of dates from 01.02.2015 to 30.06.2015 to it and select a competition such as the Ekstraklasa, Polish Cup or Champions League, then all “Matches” which you created assigning the Ekstraklasa, the Polish Cup or the Champions League will be assigned to it and which will take place in the period between 01.02.2015 and 30.06.2015.

As a result, the journalists from the list of your events will only be able to be accredited to those events for which they did not have their accreditations granted as part of the "Round Spring 2015".

- After the event has been created, please configure the accreditation applications. For this purpose, please select the “Edit request” option by the chosen event on the event list.

Step 1 - you need to declare what types of accreditation you wish to grant for the event and specify how many are available. Predefined, standard accreditation types will appear on the list. If you do not foresee granting them in the “Amount” field, please enter the “0” value. If you wish to add your own accreditation type, please select the “Add own type” option and enter a name for it as well as the available number.

Step 2 - Please define the accreditation process duration by giving the date and time of the process start and end. The event will be visible to the Accredito.com journalists in the given date range

Step 3 - If the condition of the participation in your accreditation process is the acceptance of the terms and conditions or other documents by the journalist, please select those which are to be presented to a journalist during the accreditation request submission. You can check how to add the new terms and conditions here >>>

Step 4 - If your accreditation process requires a journalist to supply detailed information, please mark what he/she is required to provide during the accreditation request submission. Please note, that details such as the journalist’s first and last name as well as his/her email address and the editorial office will always be downloaded automatically.

Step 5 - Please add an additional description if you want it to be added to the system message sent to the journalist following after his/her request has been considered. At this point, you may add, as an example, information regarding the conditions for receiving an accreditation, etc.

- How to edit a created accreditation process
You may always edit the data concerning a given accreditation process. In order to do so, please select the “Edit request” option from the event list by the chosen event

- How to add terms and conditions?
If you wish to add new terms and conditions in your office to be used in the created accreditation processes, please select the “Terms and conditions” option from the left menu.

A list of terms and conditions which you have created in your office will be displayed on the screen. You will find the “Add” option above it. Once you select it, you will be able to define new terms and conditions. You can do this in two ways:

The "paste content" option - Please enter the name of the terms and conditions and in the “Terms and conditions’ content” field, write down its contents.
The “Paste link” option - Please enter the name of the terms and conditions and paste the full URL where a journalist can find the full text of the terms and conditions in the "Link to the terms and conditions” field.

If you want to see which journalists submitted accreditation requests for your event, please select the “List of requests" option.

You will find a V and an X options by each journalist’s name on the list of requests assigned to a given event.

You may choose the “Send info” option each time you amend the list of requests. Once you select it, information about the status of their request will be sent to the journalists. If you grant accreditations systematically, several times during the process, do not worry about repeat notifications as the system sends the information only to those journalists who have not yet been informed of their accreditation requests’ approval or rejection.

Yes, of course. You may always change the option on the list. If the change relates to a journalist, whom you already notified of your original decision, the system will display an alert in which you will have to confirm your decision. Please note, that following the confirmation of the amendment, the user in question will automatically be notified of the change of status of his/her request.