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Izabela Kuś

Spokesperson, Legia Warsaw

By using the system, both the press offices and the journalists alike will benefit in terms of significant time savings during the implementation of accreditation processes. With a rich set of functionalities, allows you to run the press office communications using a single tool.

Maksymilian Michalczak

communication manager, Ekstraklasa S.A. is an innovative solution for clubs, sports organizations and journalists themselves. It allows any accreditation processes to be conducted quickly and easily, as well as provides the opportunity to communicate effectively with the media. The functionalities offered by the system are certainly an attractive solution for spokespersons and communications departments’ employees.

Łukasz Borowicz

Spokesperson, Lech Poznań

The system of fully satisfies needs of Lech Poznań’s press office. Its functionality allows an easy access to the journalist’s database and to carry out even advanced accreditation processes. It’s a perfect solution for the office administrators as well as for the journalists.


In total of 93 press offices


Effective and proven verification system

Journalist register his free account

The account is activated automatically. The journalist is registered as a “Freelancer” in the system.

Editorial office registers it's free account

The account is activated following the verification of the application’s correctness by the team.

Journalist chooses his editorial office

A journalist subscribes to selected editorial offices registered at

Editorial office verifies journalist

A journalist’s application is subject to verification by the editorial office. If it is confirmed, the journalist may submit requests as a journalist associated with the selected editorial office at

Press office gain confidence

Press office always collect data from verified journalists and editorial offices.

Press office

Press office

Press releases

Adding any content and formatting it             Attaching any number of files             Any method of publication             Narrowing the messaging to the selected groups             Publication planning

Press office


Using the journalist database at             Adding subscribers to your personal databases             Review the history of your relationship with the journalists             Assigning journalists to groups             Share your press office in six languages and get better contact with foreign journalists

Press office

Creating events

Different types of events             Assignment of sports’ games             Configuration of the event details

Press office

Configuring requests

Creating individual accreditation types and options             Planning the timelines of the processes             Automatic notifications of the journalists             Create and require that the journalists accept the terms and conditions             Creating individual data sets to be downloaded             Taking the granted permanent accreditations into account

Press office

Request processing

Rapid processing of requests and automatic notifications             Insight into the details of the request             Granting accreditation options             Add your own journalists             Change your decisions             Individual notifications             Message dedicated to the accrediting journalists             Additional options

Press office

Press seats

Designing of an individual press tribunes             Granting of accreditations for a specific seat at the press gallery             Taking the permanent accreditations into account             Change where a journalist is seated

Press office

IDs printing

Configuration of the sizes and data to be entered on the IDs             Design module             Print-out of complete IDs or data only             Generating files for printing

Press office


Configure the facilities in which the events are to be held –             Enter any content of the terms and conditions             Additional accreditation options

Press office


Create a list             Full appointment details in one place             Efficient processing of requests             Easy set-up of deadlines

Press office


File attachment             Attaching multimedia files from external services             Cataloguing the files             Access for all reporters

Press office


Share messages with other users             Set-up of discussion groups             Find other journalists easily             Access to press office's calendars with an option of integration with personal calendar

Press office


Insert the newest events automatically             Add your own events             Integrate your calendar             Synchronisation



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  • Features
  • Accreditation processes
  • Serial IDs printing
  • Press releases
  • Access to journalists database
  • Interviews arrangements
  • Calendar
  • Press seats configurations
  • Messener
  • Twitter notifications
  • Multimedia
  • New features
  • Standard
  • 99 EUR / month
  • Professional
  • 249 EUR / month


Dedicated version

Exclusive system with an integrated database             Functionalities of the professional opackage             Free updates             Unique layout             Main account privileges for the League’s office             Possibility of integration with external systems

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